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The main objective of the BASC is to alleviate the psychological, physical and social effects that an altered image can have on someone’s life by the simple application of specialised skin camouflage products. Founded in 1985, BASC is an independent association, which is not affiliated to any industry, company, organisation or authority. We do not endorse or sell any product. This independent status allows us to operate free from any constraint in the following ways...


BASC is internationally acknowledged as the leading training provider for medical professionals, make-up artists, pharmacists, therapists, beauticians and beauty therapy tutors.We continue to be pivotal in improving education facilities and were invited to be the expert adviser on the Consultative Committee for the S-NVQ qualifications rewrite (2002-3) and the 5-year revision review (2008-9). We are part of the BSI Technical Committee currently reviewing the Management and Quality of Beauty Care Services in Europe. BASC are nominated as expert advisers to BABTAC-CIBTAC.


BASC courses are awarded CPD accreditation by the;

  • Royal College of Nursing
  • Institute of Maxillofacial Prosthetists and Technicians
  • College of Occupational Therapists
  • Hair and Beauty Industry Authority
  • Association of Anatomical Pathology Technology
  • The Institute of Trichologists


Published in 2010, COVER the principles and art of para-medical skin camouflage is accepted as the only textbook written and endorsed by professionals.

We have a nation-wide network of BASC graduates who are able to offer a consultation service within the NHS and in private practice and members who undertake medical-legal reports. Please note that our trained consultants work independently of BASC – we do not employ any staff.  Access to FREE clinics provided by BASC trained consultants within the NHS will require referral in accordance with local agreements.  BASC trained consultants providing services within private clinics and high street salons will accept self-referrals, but a consultation fee may apply. We provide helpline advice for healthcare professionals, patients, patient support groups, educators, make-up artists, holistic and beauty therapists.

Presentations & Demonstrations
We organise camouflage awareness sessions for healthcare professionals, colleges and patient support groups.

We continually campaign for improved understanding of the psychological and social-economical problems associated with an image that may be considered different to others. We are active participants at national meetings, including; the All Party Parliamentary Group on Skin, the British Association of Dermatologists Patient Support Group, the Dermatology Council for England & Northern Ireland, National Voices, the Patients Association, Skin Care Campaign Scotland and Skin Cymru.


The psychological benefit to people who have been shown how to successfully apply and manage skin camouflage cannot be over-emphasised...

...it empowers them to face the world, with confidence!


26th March 2017

BASC announce new publication...

BASC announce the availability of The Scar Book : Formation, Mitigation, Rehabilition and Prevention by Andrew C Krakowski, MD and Peter R Shumaker, MD.

Chapter 20 Skin Camouflage is written by BASC, and the book is published by Wolters Kluwer (2017) ISBN-13 9781-4963-2238-8 and ISBN-10 1-4963-2238X

Scarring and fibrosis affect millions of people worldwide, and can be devastating both physically and psychologically, whether they result from major trauma such as burns or common conditions such as acne. Put today's most advanced clinical approaches to work for your patients with The Scar Book : Formation, Mitigation, Rehabilitation, and Prevention! a multidisciplinary team of leading world experts presents the state of the art in scar pathophysiology and treatment, breaking down the barriers between medical disciplines to provide unprecedented holistic guidance.

6th March 2017

In Memoriam, Martyn Lewis

It is with deep sadness that we report the death on 25th February, following a short illness, of Martyn Lewis. BASC are honoured to have worked alongside Martyn since he took over the reigns of Thomas Blake Creams in 1983. Our thoughts are with his wife, Di and their family, friends and colleagues. A wonderfully generous man who will be greatly missed.

16th February 2017

British Skin Foundation - New Chat Forum

The British Skin Foundation launches new forum for all things 'skin'...

Chat about all skin diseases with like-minded people - the ideal place to ask questions or share tips and advice on both common & rarer skin conditions. Featuring monthly Ask The Experts Sessions starting with psoriasis on 16th February Consultant dermatologists Dr Nisith Sheth, Dr Anjali Mahto and Dr Anton Alexandroff will answer your psoriasis questions. Log on from 13th February.

7th February 2017

B.A.D. Working Group

The British Association of Dermatologists Working Group have produced a template letter to accompany specials prescriptions

The aim is streamlining and rationalising of the current list. please go to to www.bad.org.uk for further information and to download the template.

9th January 2017

Electronic Prescriptions

Automatic Replacement...

Some computer systems are automatically replacing an imperial measurement into a decimal. For example converting Dermacolor DM 1½ to DM 1.5 which is then rejected at the prescription counter as not being available. May we suggest you include both imperial and decimal with the hope that the patient will receive their correct skin camouflage colour.

Archived News...



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