BASC Membership


BASC aims to keep its members informed of developments and changes within its remit, usually via its journal (the Cover) and website. Members are entitled to attend Study Days, Seminars, Short Courses and other such Meetings throughout the year to increase core skills.

Graduate Membership Status

This is open to those who have successfully completed our 4-day Training Initiative. Graduate Members are entitled to

  • attend an annual Refresh Your Camouflage Skills Seminar (attendance is not mandatory)
  • may purchase BASC stationery for their personal use, such as Promotional Advertisement, Patient’s Application Guide
  • may be entitled to claim discount on products from nominated suppliers at Manufacturer’s discretion
  • are entitled to a free Covermark sample palette, see Member's Forum or contact us
  • may request the loan of a BASC power-point presentation disc/stick, free of charge providing it is used solely for the purpose intended, not copied and returned immediately after use
  • access to the BASC online forum

Graduate Members representing BASC at a promotional event will be issued free of charge with poster(s), corporate flyers and any other material as deemed necessary (Members to return items immediately after use)

Subscription is £20.00 (renewable 6th April annually)
Graduate Membership Certificate is issued

Associate Membership Status

BASC offers Associate Membership to any Company, Authority, Organisation, Support Group or Individual who is interested in being kept up to date on the latest news and techniques.

Subscription is £12.00 (renewable 6th April annually)
Associate Membership Certificate is issued
For an Application Form please get in touch via our contact page.


Honorary Membership Status

The Trustees may, at their discretion, nominate any person who in their opinion is suitably eligible to be given the status of Honorary Member.

For services to BASC

Sheila Dutch - past chair, committee member since 1989
Sharon Lane - past chair, committee member since 1989
Elizabeth Allen - committee member since 1993, tutor since 1996
Mary Thorp - secretariat (1995-2009)
Ros Mawazini - ambassador since 1998
Liz White - chair since 2003
Gillian Hart - vice chair since 2003
Sally-Jane Dawson - committee member since 2005, tutor since 2006
Graeme Dawson - IT advisor since 2009
Michael Murphy - specialist tutor since 2009
Shari Royle - ambassador since 2009
Eileen Walsh - secretariat since 2009
Kim Davies - committee member since 2011

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